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Optometry Clinic at Okharpauwa

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The year 2019; we will have enthusiastic team of clinicians and support staff gathered at Okharpauwa from all around the world this November for a single cause. The cause supplies for our mission to reduce the burden of blindness due to uncorrected refractive error. The charitable clinic dates are scheduled for 18-22 November (5 consecutive days).

Why Okharpauwa?

The planning for camps started from April-March this year ( 2019). We pre-selected three places for possible camp site in November: Palung (Makwanpur), Lamatar (Lalitpur) and Okharpauwa (Nuwakot). We also saw graceful visitation by Team rep from Onesight on these occasions. In aspect of geography, demographics and socio-economic status, Okharpauwa fell under our priority. Though Okharpauwa lies at the north shadows of Nagarjun Hills, the denizens live miserable lives. The focus point, also called as Kagati Gaun, is occupied with Balami people who are basically indigenous to the bordering hills of Kathmandu valley from the time of yore. They were the very people who were utilized by the Rana dynasty to carry cars knotted in carts on their shoulders, through tipsy-turvy hills to Kathmandu. After the road access, many remain to be potter on different parts of up skirt hills, while many resume to be on agriculture. Chunks of Balami are also found to be involved in making iron wares –not on hard cash but on exchange of goods and rural groceries. Time changed, but even now the overall life style of Balami people remains the same. The health, hygiene and sanitation of these people are very poor. There is no proper continuous source of water supply over the village. Moreover, the dumping site of Kathmandu is at Sisdole, which remains close by. Tens of garbage trucks run daily through the roads that trespasses the vicinity, skyrocketing the dusts and spreading the stinks. Tamang people also reside in the area.

Okharpauwa lies some 25 kilometers to the North of Balaju, Kathmandu. Due to dust, dirt and potholes it takes more than an hour to reach in a private vehicle. This area is under Kakani Rural Municipaliy ward no 1. Even though, it is the nearest of all other wards, the awareness and education level is very low. The population is around 5, 000 and there are 4 educational institutions currently working. Due to the limited income from crops, youngsters leave the village to work abroad or at Kathmandu. Ward chairperson Mr. Chandra Bdr Balami is actively engaged to make this clinic a success.

Team From all over the world

Onesight has coordinated a massive team of 28 from different parts of the world this time to serve Nepali people. The team includes optometrists and support staff. The team will move to the camp site each day and return to Kathmandu for overnight stay. Better vision team will actively oversee the activities while coordinating with local bodies. The camp will be led by Melissa Standridge, USA; while members are from the US, Bulgaria, Italy, France, Russia, Australia, India, Canada, and Singapore. Nepal team will be led by Jeewa Bist, Optometrist.


What are we doing?

  • We are screening more than 1000 persons including school children of 4 schools.
  • We are providing orientation and training to Female community health volunteers, school teachers and health personnel of health post.
  • We are distributing power glasses to the needy after refraction
  • We are providing ophthalmic drugs as required
  • We are providing counseling and referral advice

(erstwhile Okharpauwa VDC comprises Kakani-1)

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